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HSN COO Peter Jia Interview With China Crypto News


Source: http://www.chinacryptonews.com/interview/hsn-coo-peter-jia-5g-will-change-our-lives-dramatically/

1.Peter Jia, you are the COO and Co-Founder of HSN (Hyper Speed Network), can you please introduce yourself to the community and give a little bit of background to your career? How did you come to 5G and blockchain?

Hello everyone from HSN community, I am Peter Jia, Co-founder, and COO of HSN. I have 10-year experience in IT R&D and also done several TMT&O2O entrepreneurial projects.

First of all, I want to express my gratefulness for living in a period of time that is exciting and fruitful. Blockchain and 5G are in their early stages and I am given the opportunity to use my passion and interests to contribute to the development of both, blockchain and 5G, game-changing inventions. I believe that 5G will change the way people live drastically. But the development of 5G technology is also concerning in data storage or leakage. That’s where I saw a lot of potentials and this is why HSN came into being — proposing solutions for the synergy of 5G and blockchain.

2. At present, 5G technology is discussed everywhere in the world. Especially in the western part, people are concerned about their data and often show trust issues when they hear the word “spy” in the media. Being the COO of a 5G + blockchain startup, how much is the global hype around the 5G technology, the Chinese technology giant Huawei and rumors about 5G being used for spying affecting your business?

Currently, the debate on Huawei’s 5G equipment is mainly focused on the key equipment like 5G base stations and core network. HSN solution includes HSN chain and 5G MEC module which is the critical technical equipment of 5G. It doesn’t belong to 5G base stations and core network but is similar to a terminal module in mobile phones. The baseband chipset is obtained directly from core suppliers like Qualcomm. Moreover, HSN has no need to and will never access or detect the data sent through the 5G MEC module, so there is no need to worry about the impact of the Huawei incident on HSN. HSN provides users with basic services like data storage; there, user data is first encrypted and then stored. Only the users who get the authorization or have user keys can access the data, therefore the security of data storage is ensured. In whole, the Huawei incident may delay the integral progress of the worldwide 5G coverage, but it can never stop the coming 5G era. Moreover, HSN is not affected by the rumors around Huawei, I personally think that the media hype only contributes to the awareness and discussion about 5G.

More technically speaking, 5G and blockchain technology are fundamentally related to data. 5G as a new generation communication technology will reestablish data transmission, its characteristics of high throughput, low latency, high concurrency and low power consumption. It will promote a broader Internet of Everything application. It will lead to a surge in the industries such as AI, Internet of Things, Big Data, and cloud computing. With the strong demand for hardware and software for mass devices, data security issues will become more and more prominent. Virtual reality, smart city, driverless, smart security, and other 5g application scenarios require a systematic solution. The traditional ecology gradually forms a closed-loop, and the characteristics of asymmetric encryption technology, consensus algorithm and evidence-based incentive mechanism of the blockchain can solve these problems. HSN was built for it.

Overall, public acceptance for 5G technology will, on the other hand, become our driving force for stable development. We are dedicated to promote the development of 5G and make it more understandable and usable to the people.

3. In the roadmap you are talking about Camera + Blockchain and IoV + Blockchain, could you explain it for the community?

Camera + Blockchain storage solution is applied in video security monitoring, mainly to solve the storage reliability and cost of video surveillance content. The audio and video content collected by the blockchain-based video surveillance camera integrated with HSN ONE edge computing module can deal with high-speed encryption of the 5G network and then transmit it to the HSN network. After being cut into blocks, it is redundantly stored on HSN edge storage node to avoid loss of video content due to the single point of failure. In addition, the fingerprint HASH on the audio and video content files are stored in the HSN blockchain which can be used to decentralize and anti-tamper to ensure the authenticity of the content. The audio and video content is asymmetrically encrypted using the collector’s key pair. Any third party cannot read the original information without knowing the key, thus it guarantees security for all audio and video content. In addition, high-performance distributed computing capabilities for an intelligent analysis of all video content can be performed using the HSN network.

IoV + Blockchain solution is used in the field of auto-network. The ultimate goal of HSN is to become a key infrastructure in the future of autonomous driving, providing high-speed, low-latency data transmission, massive data storage, and high-performance distributed computing for autonomous driving. Considering the current state of autonomous driving applications, HSN will gradually contribute its features to the ecosystem. In the first stage, the HSN ONE edge-computing module will be integrated into the rear-loading products such as the vehicle-mounted streaming media rearview mirror and driving recorder. These products provide 5G transmission and inexpensive data storage services to ensure and accelerate the market entry of HSN in the IoV field. The second phase of HSN will work with autonomous drivers to integrate HSN ONE module as a basic module for autonomous driving into the entire system, eventually becoming the infrastructure for autonomous driving.

The above solution prototype was launched after the release of HSN DEVNET.

4. We also heard that you had the first contact with the European Blockchain Foundation (EBF) based in the Netherlands. What can we expect in that regard the future? European universities are establishing more and more collaborations with tech startups from around the world. 5G is definitely something they might be interested in learning more about. Is that a possible field of synergy?

HSN has the ambition to become a global leader in the field of 5G+blockchain. Therefore, a strong regional network of various stakeholders is crucial. We have indeed talked to the EBF to become a partner. The EBF has an excellent network in Europe and is connected to government representatives from many countries. Their network and experience are very valuable to us, as we would like to communicate with decision-makers at the heart of Europe. On the other hand, we strongly believe that we can add value to the EBF. We believe that the ties between Europe and China will only grow stronger and lead to more trade and business between the two. HSN will be very eager to utilize its network in China in case the EBF or its partners have any needs. We would also like to contribute to knowledge exchange and building more connections and mutual understanding between Europe and China.

5. You recently announced a cooperation with Lenovo, one of China’s biggest technology companies that bought the computer division of IBM in recent years. Can you tell us more about the agreement, what exactly the job of HSN is and how HSN will continue to cooperate with them in the future?

In fact, our cooperation with Lenovo has already started in 2017. Founded in 2012, HSN’s subsidiary, Tianbei IoT, provides customers with software and hardware integrated data communication solutions. One of the customers is Lenovo. So far, Tianbei IOT has provided Lenovo with SNAS (Intelligent Storage Device) solutions, including home dual private cloud storage devices, providing a whole family data backup and shared security storage. In 2019, Tianbei IOT and LENOVO Lenovo signed another cooperation agreement, to provide Lenovo with SNAS (smart storage devices), 5G routers and other technical products. This fully reflects the R&D strength of the HSN project team in 5G field.

Because of the signed NDA, I cannot disclose more details on development and possible new products.

6. We see a steady increase in numbers of your telegram groups, where not only the total members but also the people online increase weekly. As a natural result when the project establishes, people’s curiosity will rise and they will start digging in and asking questions. You answered with a short article in medium to one of the community questions, will we see this more often in the future?

Our telegram groups have grown to 80,000 members. There are still a large number of international community leaders (KOLs) who have contacted us to request on establish communities in various regions for HSN as well as a long-term cooperation. We also plan the recruitment of more community leaders. We are working on a program called “Hyper-fans” which include community-driven activities and certain HSN fan statuses. We will provide these KOLs with rewards and involvement to establish HSN with us together.

7. For 2021, HSN set the goal to develop around 100 DApps (decentralized applications). What kind of DApps could this be, could you give an example of a possible DApp?

Based on HSN technical architecture design, HSN DApp is more abundant in terms of functions and application scenarios than the traditional DApp, which is no longer limited to the simple DApp using smart contracts. HSN provides safe, reliable and cost-effective blockchain basic services for the future world, including high TPS smart contract execution, 5G high-speed network transmission, massive decentralized storage, high-performance distributed computing and other services. Any application using the above services can be all called DApp on HSN. It is conceivable that there will be many applications integrating HSN ONE edge computing module and DIoT, DApp, DAI, DDevice, etc. developed by the HSN API. The aforementioned Camera + Blockchain and IoV + Blockchain applications are examples of HSN DApp applications, which are currently under development in the main network.

8. Furthermore, you aim for the first interconnection of all things, what do all things mean, you could give a number of devices? Or a certain type of devices, i.e. cars, that can interact? The technology made a huge step in the last few years towards 5G and the interconnection of all things, especially China is without a doubt very far ahead in this field. Thinking about the connection of all things, we still see a lot that needs to be achieved. Are you this optimistic with setting this milestone in 2021 because of the fast pace and innovate environment in China at the moment or because the 5G technology is already much further than most people think?

The so-called Internet of Everything is to connect all people, belongings, every family, and every organization to create interconnectivity. This is the mission of all technology development. As the world’s first 5G + blockchain ecosystem, HSN is also undergoing continuous implementation while following this mission. After the main net launch, HSN will be widely used in cloud VR/AR, smart security, car networking, smart city, smart manufacturing, drone, SDWAN+NAS, Mesh products, edge computing modules and other applications in 5G environment.

The word in Chinese for crisis is Weiji 危机, wei 危 stands for “hazard” and ji 机 for “opportunity/chance”. In China, we see hazards/crisis as an opportunity. Therefore, we believe that there are always both, threats and opportunities and. The development of 5G shows that the existing 4G speed has not fully met demands and needs, which is an excellent opportunity for HSN. However, this is only the beginning stage. HSN has been committed to the research and development of that technology one step at a time. So far, we have achieved first accomplishments by providing 5G technology to Lenovo, Quectel Wireless and other technical forces.

9. Lastly, we would like to know if there any big news or cooperation announcements that will occur in the next weeks/months that the community does not know about yet?

In the next few months, we will focus on the following important tasks:

(1) Further research and development. More partners and clients. According to the promise, 2019 Q3 HSN will release the SD-WAN technology application case, the wireless mesh network technology application case, MIFI products, the camera + blockchain storage solution and the car network + blockchain solution.

(2) Continue the implementation of the Protector Master Node (PMN) project that we have released, and hope that community users can join and share as well as manage together, and jointly promote HSN ecology to together share the return on investment.

(3) Further listings of HSN on international exchanges.

(4) The launch of new initiatives to support the number and scale of local autonomous communities to achieve breakthrough development again.

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